Dyersville Named Best Small Town to Visit by Smithsonian Magazine

June 7, 2021

Perhaps more than ever, now is a time to appreciate America's small towns. As we begin to see the other side of a pandemic that kept so many of us isolated, it is easier to understand the value in those things we've missed. Whether it's by enjoying an outdoor summer concert with neighbors or by catching up with friends at the local brewpub, a sense of community has been hard to find for many; Zoom and FaceTime made for adequate, virtual stand-ins, but they don't compare to the real thing. It's those in-person interactions with familiar faces that make small towns so alluring. That is, along with the independent shops, hidden gem parklands, historic sites and architecture, unique restaurant finds, and, of course, a slower pace of life and relative affordability that numerous city dwellers are finding more and more appealing.

Fortunately, many of America's small towns are emerging from the effects of Covid-19 resilient and ready to welcome visitors. Some, like Dyersville, Iowa, are finally hosting long-anticipated sporting events that the pandemic placed on hold. 

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