The Will to Distill

All across Iowa, you’ll find distilleries that are producing some of the most spirited beverages around. And even better yet, many of them are using local grains harvested by farmers just a few miles down the road from their facilities. Gin. Whiskey. Rum. Vodka. No matter your taste, you’re sure to find something that hits the spot at Iowa’s distilleries. Because one thing’s for certain: you haven’t sipped spirits like this before.


Clive: The only thing you’ll love more than Dehner Distillery’s brightly colored labels is how their spirits taste—and they taste amazing. And here’s a fun fact—owner Joseph Dehner hand builds all of his own still equipment.


Cumming: Located in a 100-year-old building, the Iowa Distilling Company's craft cocktail lounge overlooks its production facility. The distillery produces eight different spirits, including a cinnamon whiskey. 


Le Claire: When you tour Mississippi River Distilling, not only will you get to try their popular spirits like Cody Road Bourbon and River Pilot Vodka—you’ll also learn all about their “grain to glass” approach. This means they handle every step of the process themselves, from sorting and cleaning the grain to bottling their spirits by hand.


Norwalk: Offering corn whiskey, grape grappa and limoncello, you’ll quickly see there’s a sip for every style at Broadbent Distillery. Using Iowa-grown grapes and grains, Broadbent produces quality small batches of their products. Take a tour and taste what all the talk’s about.


Swisher: At Cedar Ridge, you’ll find a beautiful venue to sit back, relax and enjoy a spirit of your choice. As Iowa’s first micro-distillery, Cedar Ridge has been distilling premium spirits since 2005. Try their malted rye whiskey, pear brandy, dark rum and more.


Templeton: Templeton Rye became known as Al Capone’s whiskey of choice during the Prohibition Era. And now you can find this whiskey at bars and restaurants all across the United States. When you visit Templeton, see where it’s produced and taste a sample for yourself.